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Can i get an ESTIMATE?


Either give us a friendly call and inform us of the particular problem or inform us through our e-mail option.

Either way a FREE estimate is what you'll get!

What about a WARRANTY?


We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects, workmanship, and leakage for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

Can I get a DISCOUNT?


We save by working online through the internet, shouldn't YOU?

All our online customers get a 10% discount for services rendered!

Should I use my INSURANCE?

That depends...

We'd say there is definitely a 50% chance that your deductible could be 200% of our total estimate. and that's without taking into account your insurance's price increase.

Send us an e-mail or simply give us a call to get a general estimate.

Can any glass be REPLACED?


We replace ANY kind of auto glass with either OEM or after market parts.

Rear and side windows included as well as electronic embedded glass!

How LONG does it take?

20 Min' up to an hour.

Obviously chance for complications are always present but as a general rule of thumb an auto glass installation rarely takes longer than an hour.

Do I need to be PRESENT?

At least for 2 min'.

After one of our technicians takes a look at the damage he will hand you a written invoice for the exact labor and parts amount. This is usually the same as the estimate.

After you sign the form you can very well go on with your daily business.

Need a replacement windshield or glass repair done on your windshield? Dial (503) 451-6285.

We're your one stop auto glass shop for auto glass replacement! With our top of the line replacement windshields comes a guarantee that your new windshield will never leak when it rains.

In addition, your purchased auto glass replacement also comes with a lifetime warranty.

MS Glass believes in proactive automobile glass repair to save time and money. If you have a chip in your windshield and call MS Glass we'll give you 10% off your automotive glass repair.

At MS Glass, customer service is more than just lip service. We strongly believe that a business is only as good as it's interactions with it's customers. That's why you can count on the best quality service from us.

From advising you on whether you need to replace or repair your auto glass to helping you fill out your insurance claim, you can count on us for a stress free experience. We're always available to help on the phone.

We use only the best auto glass in our business as well as the most highly trained auto glass mechanics possible. We'll go any length to please our customers, we keep our prices low and our speed fast at MS Glass!

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